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Kerave Hair – Super “Hair Restoration” Spray & Supplement


kerave-hair-offersKerave Hair :- Can a regrowth boosting product really do anything to control hairloss? Find out as our team uncovers all mysteries regarding the function, ingredients, safety and side effects of Kerave Hair.

What is it?

A hair growth boosting dietary supplement that protects the hair from the damage of hair loss and factors that cause hair loss, Kerave Hair is available exclusively online.

Available for $50 for bottle, there are 60 capsules in each bottle that users can take every day to avoid the onset of hair loss. Meant for both men and women, this supplement not only caters to protecting the hair from thinning and loss but also improves overall growth by countering the levels of DHT (prime factor causing hair loss). It seeks to supply such nutrients to the body that ensure the root and follicle health of the body and enable a strong and consistent supply of nutrition necessary for maintaining hair strength. The core function of Kerave Hair is to trigger intensive repair of the thinning hair and falling roots along with stimulation of natural growth.

The official Kerave Hair website claims that it is lab-tested, quality formulated through necessary suitable manufacturing processes needed for upholding quality and works on hair types.  Furthermore, it states that there are completely 100% natural ingredients in the product.

Hair loss and supplements: understanding the equation

The hair continues to grow on its own and the growth cycle is actually natural so generally, every time you get a haircut, the hair grows back. But the thinning starts when the roots face a lack of nutrition and grow lose and eventually fall off. It has been reported that your may be losing more than 100 hair strands everyday!

The male pattern hair loss occurs when the body suffers through a disruption of growth and more than 100 or higher hair strands are lost. Sometimes, a blend of male hormones along with genetic factors are at play so there are a variety of reasons behind why and how men lose hair.  Nevertheless, Kerave Hair nutrients help in fortifying the overall health of the hair roots to maintain the shiny, bouncy and healthy hair.

kerave-hair-regrowthIngredients and how does it work?

  1. Saw palmetto helps in limiting the enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase to further control the hormone testosterone from being transformed into dihydrotestosterone ( DHT). By preventing this DHT conversion, hair loss is suppressed.
  2. Stinging nettle extract result in partial blocking of 5a-reductase that further limits dihydrotestosterone and aromatase enzyme to reduce the hair fall.
  3. Vitamin b6 is not only helpful for red blood cells but also helps in boosting the health of hair and hair roots so the hair grows longer and stronger. Often, vitamin b6 from food is not eaten well or absorbed well because of which the hair receives no nutrition and results in falling. However, through supplementation of Vitamin B6, the body not only gets sufficient amount but also absorbs it well so it is further supplied to the hair roots to make it strong.


  1. Kerave Hair is a scientific, tested and proven formulation that controls hair loss without any side effects
  2. Furthermore, it is made with such ingredients that help in limiting the progression/risk of enlarged prostate along certain hormonal disruption
  3. Ingredients supply more than 200% of the daily requirement of Vitamin B6 so the body manages to absorb sufficient amount and the hair health receives a healthy spurt
  4. There are zero side effects
  5. Quality manufacturing
  6. Fast shipping
  7. Affordable cost
  8. Online orders are processed the same day or next speeding up the whole process


  1. Only online availability so you can’t make an order anywhere else
  2. No refund on opened bottles

kerave-hair-resultsHow feasible is customer support?

We placed an order for one bottle online and got our order the 6th day and due to bad packaging, we called on 844-688-6197 to file for a refund. Although, we were expecting some hassle regarding long explanations about why we want to return Kerave Hair but the team didn’t waste any time in working on our complaint and we were issued a refund within just 12 days.

The official website lists 30days for the refund and all we had to do was get our RMA number and send the bottle back and we only paid the shipping cost which was fairly minimal.

The customer support is quite convenient  and easy to use as they work 24*7 and provide effective solutions all day long.

Do we recommend this?

Yes, we recommend that you give Kerave Hair a shot as it is among the top hair regrowth products and doesn’t cause any sort of side effects or short or long term damage at all.

In fact, most users vouch for the product and we haven’t got any complaints about the supplement at all and their customer support is quite welcoming too.

Beautiful portrait of a Caucasian woman with short hair and smiling

Beautiful portrait of a Caucasian woman with short hair and smiling

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